84C Flanged Body Intelligent Vortex Flowmeters with Temperature Compensation

The Model 84C flanged vortex flowmeter is an addition to the Foxboro® family of intelligent, high performance vortex flowmeters(1). It is available with 4 to 20 mA, HART® 7, and pulse output. It is equipped with integral temperature compensation for flow measurement of saturated steam and user-defined liquids. An integral LCD indicator with pushbuttons is offered for local configuration.

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Key Benefits

  • Liquid, gas, or steam applications
  • Compensation for mass flow of saturated steam based on ASME steam tables
  • Compensation for mass flow of custom liquids
  • Volumetric flow rate accuracy of ±0.5% of reading in liquids and ±1.0% in gas and steam
  • Mass flow rate accuracy of ±1.4% of reading in saturated steam
  • Process temperature accuracy of ±1°F (0.56°C) for saturated steam
  • Flanged 3/4 to 12 in (DN15 to DN300) body
  • High pressure up to Class 1500 and PN160
  • DirectSense™ technology
  • Widest rangeability in class
  • Low power versions available for use in battery or solar power applications
  • An integrated temperature sensor for measuring process temperature
  •  ActiveTuning™ algorithms:
     Real time Reynolds number (RD) low flow correction down to RD of 5000
     Compensation for piping effects
     Adaptive filtering and signal conditioning
  • Pulse output capability in raw, frequency, or pulse (total) modes
  • CE marked; complies with EMC European Union and PED Directives, and NAMUR NE 21 interference immunity requirement
  • CRN Registered

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