873DO Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The analyzer periodically monitors the sensor for membrane fouling, membrane breakage, and loss of internal filling solution. Calibration of the 873DO is quick and simple, achieved by allowing the sensor to stabilize in ambient air. 
Key Benefits

Dual Sensor Input

  • Contacting Conductivity – resistivity, DPX, and dissolved oxygen versions can accept either one or two sensor signals
  • pH and EC Versions one sensor
  • Allows for ratio and “% rejection” measurements
    Both sensor measurements may be retransmitted


Low-Cost Analyzer

  • Molded Noryl enclosure provides a compact, full function, panel-mounted package
  • Wide range capability built-in
  • Ideal for OEM applications
  • Low-cost pH, contacting conductivity, electrodeless
  • conductivity, resistivity, and dissolved oxygen versions are available
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Instruction sheet 01/07/2005