NOCT60A Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter


The NOCT60A Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter, when used with a Foxboro® CFS flowtube, integrates Foxboro-patented digital Coriolis technology with Realflo® industry-leading flow computation software and PLC-style logic to provide a complete solution for liquid net oil measurement.
The transmitter provides frequency, scaled pulse, 4 to 20 mA current, alarm, and contact outputs. It also supports nonvolatile totalization of the output. Modbus communication protocol allows full intelligent digital communications using a Modbus communication interface.
The NOCT60A can be configured to run logic programs created using either the Telepace® Studio or SCADAPack® IEC 61131-3 Workbench software, as specified in the model code.


  • All-in-one solution streamlines separation and allocation measurement, with auditable flow history data for regulatory compliance
  • Patented, high-speed digital Coriolis technology solves common problems associated with measuring produced fluids
  • Built-in programmable logic controller (PLC) and flow computer provide a complete platform for production optimization
  • Lower cost than other multi-phase metering systems for measurement of oil, gas and water directly with little or no separation
  • Improved accuracy and/or the range of fluid combinations that can be measurement effectively


  • Oil&Gas industry
  • Produced fluids on remote oil well
  • Measurement of separated liquids or the separated gas output from a 2-phase or 3-phase separator
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Specification guide 01/11/2015
Instruction sheet 24/03/2016
Data Bulletin 31/05/2016
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Instruction sheet 24/03/2016