E69P Series Current-To- Pneumatic Valve Positioners

E69P Series Current-To-Pneumatic Valve Positioners

The E69P Series Current-to-Pneumatic valve Positioner converts a direct current milliampere input signal into a pneumatic output signal for positioning control valve actuators. It eliminates the need for a separate converter and a separate positioner. It is available with the following input signal ranges (mA): 4 to 20, 4 to 12, 12 to 20, 10 to 50, 10 to 30, 30 to 50 with a corresponding output sugnal of up to 240 or 420 dPa (35 or 60 psi, 2.4 or 4.2 bar of kg/cm2).

It eliminates the need for a separate converter plus a separate positioner. As symbolized by the “CE” Logo marking on the product, these valve positioners conform to the applicable European Union directives.

Because of its small size, compact design, and simple connection mechanism, the Model E69P Valve Positioner can be quickly and conveniently mounted on a wide variety of valve or other types of pneumatic actuators.

Pipe line vibration normally encountered has minimal effect upon the E69P. Also, the effects of inclination are minimal, allowing the valve to be mounted without regard for the attitude of the positioner. Low mass components, along with a statically balanced and well-supported coil in the galvanometric motor of the E69P, make these important benefits possible.

The design of the unique galvanometric motor in the E69P provides for generous clearances between coil and housing. Normal atmospheric changes, which may cause corrosion and dust particles, do not hinder operation of the mechanism, as sometimes happens with voice coil type instruments.

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