Foxboro® ACA.HF Acid Catalyst Measurement Solution

The new standard in safety, simplicity, and accuracy for analyzing HF


Breakthrough Technology To Measure HF Strength, ASO, & Water


The ACA.HF Advanced Measurement Solution from Foxboro® is a nonspectroscopic acid catalyst measurement solution that provides online measurement of all components in alkylation catalyst: hydrofluoric acid (HF), ASO, and water. It employs highly reliable core components, which are long proven in industrial HF service and whose mean time between failures (MTBF) is estimated by established industry methods to exceed 29 years. The ACA.HF exploits differential responses of each individual component to obtain a response “spectrum” directly analogous to that produced by the established, complex online FTNIR method. With measurement accuracy that exceeds that required for precise process control, the ACA.HF offers additional benefits:

• Lower overall cost of ownership
• Installed cost that is approximately half of the FTNIRbased HF measurement
• Reduced complexity in the installation and sample preparation for improved safety and reliability
• Out of the box calibration eliminating long sample collection and modeling duration

Foxboro developed the ACA.HF advanced measurement solution to provide characterization of acid catalyst with the design objective of making it affordable with reliable accuracy.