FT10 Flow-Through Sensor

The Foxboro FT10 introduces a new multi-toroid, patent-pending measurement approach to electrodeless conductivity. The FT10 all-Teflon sensor introduces a new, compact, compact, high-accuracy solution for applications requiring low liquid volume and high purity. The advanced FT10 sensor provides an innovative approach in a clean, simple, non-invasive design package for very demanding applications, including measurement of high-purity and/or aggressive chemical concentrations.

Key Benefits

  • Foxboro patent-pending, multi-toroid approach to electrodeless conductivity
  • All fused connections; no threads, O-ring, or gasket seals
  • Handles liquids from hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, nitric, and sulfuric acids to TMAH and ammonium hydroxide
  • Highly accurate measurements for semiconductor, other electronics, LCD assemblies, specialty chemicals, etc.
  • Non-invasive, multi-toroid design
  • Ideal for high-purity applications with low liquid volume and small line size
  • Improved performance at an extremely competitive priceVirgin Teflon-wetted material for high-purity applications
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Data Bulletin 01/06/2006
Data Bulletin 01/12/2011
Technical leaflet 01/01/2007
Specification guide 01/02/2009