IGP10S Gauge Pressure Transmitter

The Invensys Foxboro I/A Series® Pressure S Series Model IGP10S transmitter is an intelligent, two-wire transmitter that provides precise, reliable measurement of guage pressure, and transmits a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

The Invensys Foxboro IGP10S reduces inventory costs with a wide range of applications that traditionally require multiple separate transmitters, increases accuracy with the Foxboro multiple calibration technology and enables customers to accurately track time in service, which allows for predictive maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Industry leading 400:1 turndown
  • Foxboro Patented Multiple Calibration Technology
  • Time in Service features for advanced diagnostics
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) digital indicator with on-board pushbutton configuration and calibration.
  • Industry leading 5-year standard warranty
  • NEMA 4X and IEC IP66 durable epoxy-coated aluminum, or 316 ss housings.
  • Co-Ni-Cr, 316L ss, and Nickel alloy (equivalent to Hastelloy®(1)) sensor materials for all transmitters.
  • Can be provided with numerous configurations of direct connect or remote mount seals.
  • Integral process connections for sanitary, and pulp/paper installations.
  • Choice of Mounting Styles: IAP10 for compact light weight and direct-to-process mounting (bracket optionally available
  • Rugged & Dependable: Field-proven silicon strain gauge technology and corrosion-resistant epoxy finish
  • Superior Performance: Accuracy to ±0.05% of span and Ambient temperature effects to ±(0.03% URL+0.06%) span per 28°C (50°F)