IMT96 Magnetic Flow Transmitter

The Foxboro IMT96 MagEXPERT Magnetic Flow Transmitter is a significant advancement in magnetic flowmeter technology. When combined with a 2800 Series Magnetic Flowtube, it provides a reliable solution to the most noisy flowmeter applications such as High Consistency Pulp Stock, Slurries, Chemical Additives, and Pulsating Flow. The MagEXPERT uses the Foxboro’s patented eX-Pulse coil excitation method to create a strong measurement signal, coupled with optimum noise reduction capability and fast speed of response.

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Key Benefits

  • Patented eX-Pulse Coil Excitation provides Superior Performance on Liquids with Entrained Air, Non-homogeneous Slurries, Dense Slurries, and Pulsating Flow
  • Backward Compatibility with Existing 2800 Series Flowtubes
  • Unidirectional or Bidirectional Flow
  • Zero Signal Lock Capability
  • Digital, Analog, and Pulse Output Signals