Model CFS10/20 Coriolis Flowtubes

The Model CFS10 or CFS20 Mass Flowtube combines with a Model CFT50 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter to form an I/A Series Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter. The principle of Coriolis acceleration is used which allows true mass flow rate measurements of fluids to be made directly, without the need for external
temperature, pressure, or specific gravity measurements.
• Precision system achieved using DSP transmitter.
• High system accuracy of ±0.10% of flow rate plus flowtube zero instability for liquids; and ±0.50% of flowrate plus flowtube zero instability for gases.
• Density accuracy of ±0.0005 g/cc, or better.
• Wide rangeability in excess of 100:1 without sacrificing performance.
• Available with 3A authorization.
• The CFS10 single path design ideal for shear sensitive fluids, and in applications requiring positive cleaning; available in 3 to 50 mm (1/8 to 2 in) sizes. The CFS20 is a dual path design and is available in 40 and 80 mm (1 1/2 and 3 in) sizes.
• Welded 304 ss stainless steel enclosure. Hermetically sealed with 70 kPa (10.15 psia) internal pressure.
• Thick-wall Hastelloy C-22 construction available.
• Weights and Measures Custody Transfer Option, per NIST Handbook 44.
• Tamperproof Sealing Option of terminal block cover provided with Options -T and -S.
• Patented anti-phase double driver system allows close sensor proximity to inhibit signal distortion, and provides low power consumption per driver.
• Low stress levels maximize mechanical reliability.
• Easy installation because of short end-to-end distance.
• Will drain when mounted in vertical orientation with an upward flow.
• Uses tubes essentially of same nominal I.D. as connecting pipe, and with increased wall thickness.
• Designed for FM, CSA, and ATEX hazardous area locations. Applicable agency plate also includes the CE mark.