Model CFS25 Coriolis Flowtubes

Foxboro® brand CFS25 Coriolis flowtubes combine with a Model CFT51 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter to form an I/A Series® Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter. The principle of Coriolis acceleration is used, which allows true mass flow rate measurements of fluids to be made directly without the need for external temperature, pressure, or specific gravity measurements.


 Economical design is ideally suited for typical applications in the chemical industry.

 Precision system achieved using digital signal processing (DSP) transmitter.

 High system accuracy: ±0.10% of flow rate plus flowtube zero instability for liquid; and ±0.50% of flowrate plus flowtube zero instability for gas.

 Density accuracy of ±0.0005 g/cc(1) or better.

 Wide rangeability in excess of 100:1 without sacrificing performance.

 All flowtubes are available with a dual-path design (parallel loops). Smaller flowtubes are also available with a single-path design (serial loops) ideal for shear-sensitive fluids and applications requiring positive cleaning.

 Welded 304 stainless steel enclosure.  Nickel alloy (equivalent to Hastelloy® C-22(2)) construction available on some flowtube sizes.

 Designed for CSA, CSAus, ATEX, and IECEX hazardous area locations. Applicable agency plate also includes the CE mark.

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Specification guide 01/05/2015
Data Bulletin 01/03/2015

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