871CC and 871CR Series Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Sensors

When coupled with Foxboro 875CR Series Analyzers, or 876CR Intelligent Transmitter, measure conductivity or resistivity of process solutions.

Application flexibility is enhanced by the choice of insulator materials and mounting hardware. Installations are simplified with the sliding bore piece design. The design also permits mounting hardware interchangeability and lower sensor replacement costs.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable control of pure and ultrapure water processes due to high accuracy measurements
  • Versatile Mounting for submersion, insertion and flow-through applications
  • Quick and easy installation and removal of sensors using universal bore mounting accessories
  • Long sensor life, low cost of ownership
  • 24/7 expert technical and application support
Model 871CR 871CC
871CR Series Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Sensors871CR
Mounting Insertion, Immersion, RetractableInsertion, Immersion, Retractable
Installation Type Universal slip fit Fixed installation type dictated by model code selection
Temperature 1,000 ohm 3-wire platinum RTD100 ohm 2-wire platinum RTD or 100 kohm
Compensation 2-wire thermistor
Accuracy 0.1% of 0.1 cm-1 cell factor 2% of 0.1 cm-1 cell factor
Insertion Lengths Model code selectable Fixed length
Specifications PSS 6-3C2 BPSS 6-3C2 A



Specification guide 01/06/2015
Technical leaflet 01/10/2014
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