Transmitters for Level, Density or Interface of Liquids

The continuous measurement of liquid level for exact indication and control of process sequences is among the most important measuring tasks in the chemical and petrochemical process industry.


Foxboro Eckardt intelligent buoyancy level transmitters are designed to measure liquid level, interface and density. The robust design and highly accurate measurement technology based on Archimedes buoyancy principle provide a best-in-class product for level measurement.  All Foxboro Eckardt buoyancy level transmitters offer continuous self-diagnostics. By eliminating all moving parts in their design, there is little or no maintenance required, further improving longevity and reliability.

Download the Selection Guide to find the right Level Transmitter.

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244LD LevelStar

Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter with Torque Tube for Liquid Level, Interface and Density Leer más


Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter for Liquid Level, Interface and Density. Leer más


Pneumatic  Buoyancy Transmitter with Torque Tube for Liquid Level, Interface or Density. Leer más


Accessories for Buoyancy Transmitters. Leer más

LevelWave Radar

Our LevelWave Radar Series provides one universal radar measurement solution for all liquids including corrosive, viscous, sticky and other difficult media such as foam and turbulent surfaces, and solids.  Unaffected by changes in temperature, specific gravity, pressure and with no need to re-calibrate, the modular design guarantees easy and fast field installation for the requirements of the modern industry.  Download the Selection Guide to find the right Radar LevelWave Transmitter or level device for your application.

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LG01 Guided Wave Radar (TDR)

Guided Wave Radar LevelWave Transmitter independent of Temperature, Pressure, Density, Media Changes, Dust and Obstacles Leer más

LR01 Free-Space Radar (FMCW)

Free-Space Radar LevelWave Transmitter unaffected by Temperature, Pressure, Density and Corrosive Media. Leer más