DolpHin® Series PH10 and ORP10 Analog and Smart Sensors and Accessories for pH and ORP Measurements

The Foxboro® brand DolpHin® Series is a family of precision electrochemical sensors that are used in conjunction with a widely accepted set of mounting accessories to measure pH and ORP. They are rugged, easy-to-use devices that are particularly well suited for use in high temperature installations. Both Analog and Smart versions of the DolpHin Series are available.

The DolpHin Series is a family of high-performance pH and ORP sensors with extensive features and accessories.  Breakthrough performance in stability, accuracy, and long life makes DolpHin the premier pH and ORP sensor for on-line process applications.  Extensive and successful field installations have proven DolpHin’s superior performance. It outlasts other sensors in high temperature and temperature cycling applications up to 121°C (250°F). It remains fast and accurate, while conventional pH sensors lose sensitivity and are slow to respond to pH changes.  DolpHin products use a unique proprietary electrode glass formulation which makes the DolpHin exceptionally stable, accurate, and long lasting, even in the harshest process applications.  Each component in the DolpHin sensor has been designed to maximize ease-of-use, long life, and accuracy, including:

  • Precision reference junction
  • High-temperature electrolyte
  • Reference electrode with Nafion ion barrier
  • Ultra-fast Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Single, rugged body that fits the widest variety of mounting accessories

The elegant DolpHin design delivers an easy-to-use sensor with unmatched pH and ORP measurement performance.

The PH10-*S Smart sensor has internal, digital electronics, communicates digitally with a transmitter using low-cost, high-temperature cabling and carries sensor ID, calibration parameters and diagnostic history in its non-volatile memory.  PH10 and ORP10 Analog Versions


  • PH10-*S Smart sensor with Electronic Configuration code S, provides a means to store
  • the calibration parameters, which include electrode slope and asymmetry potential, in the
  • Unique pH glass – exceptionally stable, remains fast and accurate after severe temperature cycling (121°C/250°F)
  • Proven high stability, high accuracy, and long life
  • Easy-to-use body design simplifies installation, calibration, maintenance, and replacement
  • More reliable measurements permit tighter process control
  • Longer life plus easy mounting reduces maintenance costs
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Specification Sheet 01/11/2015