CFT34A Coriolis Flow Transmitter

The CFT34A Coriolis flow transmitter can be used with the CFS300A, CFS400A, CFS600A and CFS700A Coriolis flow sensors.

  • High performance transmitter for all applications, developed according to IEC 61508, SIL 2/3
  • In multi-phase applications due to entrained gas control
  • Smart diagnostics according to NAMUR NE 107

The CFT34A Coriolis mass flow transmitter will provide the highest performance possible across a wide range of applications. For the measurement of liquids or gases, cryogenic to high
temperature fluids, single or multi-phase fluids and advanced digital signal processing techniques is used to give accurate measurements of mass flow, density and temperature.
It is developed according to IEC 61508 and depending on the I/O and flow sensor variant suited for use in safety applications SIL 2/3.
Conforming to the NAMUR standard NE 107 for status and error handling, the CFT34A features enhanced meter diagnostics. This provides extensive self-checking of internal circuits and
information regarding the health of the flow sensor, but just as importantly, vital information about the process and process conditions.
Measuring values and diagnostic information can be transmitted via field bus interfaces including HART®, RS485 Modbus, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and PROFIBUS®.


• High performance transmitter with multiple output options
• Developed according to IEC 61508
• Configuration via local display or HART®
• Partial proof test capable
• Smart diagnostics, covering entire devices in less than a minute
• NE 107 status indicated by display background light
• Entrained gas control: meter maintains operation over a wide range of gas fractions and
complex flow conditions
• Excellent long-term stability
• Optical and mechanical keys for ease of use
• Redundant data storage in transmitter housing
• Real time clock for logging events
• Overall, flexible lock concept
• HART® 7
• Communication interfaces for integration into third party systems via HART® (as standard),
Modbus, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and PROFIBUS®


• Water & Wastewater
• Chemicals
• Power plants
• Food & Beverage
• Machinery
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical
• Pulp & Paper
• Pharmaceutical
• Marine


• Liquids and gases
• Liquids with gas entrainment
• Slurries and viscous products
• Concentration measurement for quality control
• Measurement of volume flow
• Measurement of density and reference density
• Custody transfer loading/unloading
• Custody transfer measurements

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Propduct Specification Sheet dec 2020