871FT Flow-Through Conductivity Sensor

The Foxboro 871FT conductivity sensors are a comprehensive family of flow-through, non-invasive electrodeless assemblies that measure the conductivity of almost any conductive liquid. The 871FT sensors are available in several line sizes from 0.5 – 4.0 inch and are available with a wide choice of wetted parts materials and end connections, including both industrial and sanitary types. Featuring a built-in calibration port, the 871FT sensors can be calibrated in-line to improve applications with aggressive chemicals and those in industries such as pharmaceuticals where the process line cannot be broken.




Key Benefits

  • Non-invasive modular design permits ease of installation, and removal from process line without need to open line.
  • In-line calibration negates safety issues.
  • No obstruction of process flow.
  • Unique patented sensor and toroid design.
  • Safest solution for measuring dangerous chemicals with unique flow-through sensor style
  • Fast, easy and reliable calibration using calibration plug shirt pocket tool
Application solutions 01/07/2010