EP402 Flow-Through Sensor

The Foxboro EP402 Series small-bore flow-through assemblies are designed to be utilized with an electrodeless large bore PEEK sensor to provide a full-range conductivity measurement of any process solutions encountered. Examples of

commonly encountered applications include, condensate, blowdown, NaOH, NACl, HCl, H3PO4, KCl, KOH, and others where standard sensor mountings are impractical, or where quite low conductivity is desired (e.g., condensate).

Key Benefits

  • A non-invasive conductivity measurement method for very small line sizes
  • Selectable wetted O-ring materials
  • Selectable metal and thermoplastic wetted housing materials
  • Use of the appropriate large bore PEEK electrodeless sensor provides a full conductivity range suitable for all applications
  • Choice of several bore sizes to most closely match the required application line size