875EC Intelligent Analyzer for Electrodeless Conductivity Measurement

The Foxboro 875EC is a microprocesor-based, line powered intelligent analyzer, when used with Foxboro 871EC or 871FT sensors, provides high accuracy measurement for electrodeless conductivity. Functions include measurement display, dual analog outputs, dual relay contacts, and an RS-232 serial port for remote configuration. A human interface guides the user through intuitive, menu-driven configuration, calibration, status, and troubleshooting procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Conductivity or concentration measurement
  • Flexible digital communication platform
  • High sensitivity and wide rangeability
  • RS-232 port and Windows-based configuration
  • utility
  • Customize and employ up to three applications
  • Ease of sensor configuration
  • Dual alarms and dual 4 to 20 mA outputs
  • Chemical concentration control
  • History log for up to 100 time and date stamped events


Document title Document type Document Date Download
Data Bulletin 01/06/2004
Specification guide 01/02/2009