Magnetic Flow Tubes 8400A and 8500A

Business Value

Foxboro flowtubes have performed tens of thousands of service hours without requiring repair or maintenance. With the Foxboro transmitter’s advanced electronics measurement accuracy is improved and provides reliable communications with remote control systems, thus ensuring accuracy and reliability while reducing maintenance costs. They measure the volumetric flow rate of virtually any conductive liquid.

Click here for a listing of the electrical conductivity of various process liquids.

Click here for an aid in selecting the process-wetted materials (for example, flowtube lining, electrode material, and so forth.) recommended for a particular process, whether the process be corrosive, abrasive, or sanitary.

  • Foxboro® Model 8400A Magnetic Flow Sensor wafer version

The 8400A magnetic flow sensor can be used with IMT30A, IMT31A and IMT33A magnetic flow converters.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent price performance ratio
  • Quick and easy to install

The flangeless 8400A electromagnetic flow sensor is compact and lightweight. The design is robust with the highly resistant, reinforced PFA liner and Hastelloy® electrodes. This offers excellent chemical resistance. The device is a cost-efficient and reliable solution for a wide range of applications. For industries varying from water and wastewater, agriculture, utilities, and from fire-fighting to machine building..

• Sandwich (wafer) design
• Lightweight and compact for easy handling and space saving installation
• Affordable price
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Bi-directional measurements
• No pressure loss
• Insensitive to vibrations
• No internal moving parts, no maintenance

  • Foxboro® Model 8500A Magnetic Flow Sensor wafer version

The 8500A magnetic flow sensor can be used with IMT30A, IMT31A and IMT33A magnetic flow converters.

  • Exceptional long-term stability and accuracy
  • For highly aggressive and abrasive fluids
  • Full vacuum-resistant with high-tech ceramic liners

The 8500A is one of the most accurate flowmeters available in the market today. This is the result of a special tube design with conical parts, optimizing the flow profile.

• Excellent long-term stability and accuracy
• Unique flow tube
• Fused in-place Cermet or Platinum electrodes
• Custody transfer standard of international metrological authorities
• For highly aggressive and abrasive fluids
• Resistant to a full vacuum
• High-tech ceramic liners
• Insensitive against temperature shocks

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