IMTSIM and IMT96SIM Magnetic Flow Simulators

The Foxboro® brand Model IMTSIM Magnetic Flow Simulator is a hand-held instrument used to verify the calibration and operation of Models IMT25 and IMT25L Magnetic Flow Transmitters in the field. The IMTSIM produces an output signal similar to that of a 2800, 8300, 8000A, or 9300A Series Magnetic flowtube. This signal is used as an input to the transmitter being tested. Proper operation of the transmitter is determined by comparing the actual transmitter output created in response to the calibrated IMTSIM output signal.

The IMT96SIM Flowtube Simulator is a lightweight, dust, rain, and chemically resistant handheld instrument designed to verify the calibration of an IMT96 MagEXPERT Magnetic Flow Transmitter in the field. The simulator produces an output signal of similar magnitude to that of a magnetic flowtube. The signal is used as the input to the flow transmitter under test and is translated by the transmitter to a corresponding flow rate.

  • 8-position selector switch for output signal
  • Polarity switch to simulate forward or reverse flow
  • 1-turn potentiometer with wide scale output capability for troubleshooting transmitter functions
  • Powered from the transmitter. No external power supply required
  • Lightweight housing. Dust, rain, and chemically resistant.
  • Can be suspended from tool belt using hook molded into pistol grip handle
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Model IMTSIM Magnetic Flow Simulator
Specification guide 01/11/2009
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