RTT80 Temperature Transmitter

For demanding temperature measurement applications that require a rugged, robust and reliable temperature transmitter, the Invensys Foxboro RTT80 Temperature Transmitter provides the best solution.

The RTT80 is a mid-tier two-wire temperature transmitter available with protocols, dual sensor inputs, universal housing, diagnostics, alarms, RTDs and TCs. The RTT80 stands out due to signal reliability, long-term stability, high precision and advanced diagnostics (important in critical processes). For the highest level of safety, availability and risk reduction.


Key Benefits

  • Intelligent “Hot Sensor Backup” Should the primary sensor burn out, the RTT80 is able to intelligently switch to a secondary backup sensor. This prevents unexpected downtime and maintains productivity within the plant.
  • Sensor Corrosion The RTT80 is capable of measuring corrosion on the Sensor. Maintenance is able to better predict the quality of their temperature sensors and their life expectancy.
  • Sensor Drift Detection This diagnostic enables the Control room to evaluate their temperature measurements over time and make better decisions concerning sensor stability.
  • Automatic Temperature Range Sensor Change The RTT80 is capable of switching the primary temperature measurement from sensor 1 to sensor 2 (a different sensor type) which is accurate for a certain temperature range.
  • Corrosion detection as per NAMUR NE89 The transmitter prevents incorrect measured values from being exported and can issue a warning via the HART protocol when conductor resistance values exceed plausible limits. 
  •  Sensor and Thermowell Attachment The RTT80 can be mounted directly to Foxboro sensors and thermowells to provide reliable and dependable temperature measurement.
  • Calibration Scheduling The RTT80 is capable of scheduling a future calibration time enunciation of up to 365 days. One enters a start date and then the number of days till next calibration for a maximum of 365 days. 
Document title Document type Document Date Download
Data Bulletin 01/10/2012
Technical leaflet 01/11/2014
Specification guide 01/11/2014


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