Field Device Management

Foxboro is pleased to offer a variety of tools to manage your field devices. These include a multivariable configuration software package PCMV, A CD containing a world-class DTM library for all Invensys-Foxboro field devices.

Effective tools from Foxboro not only help you meet configuration requirements based on the devices you own, they provide the information you need to keep your plant operational.

The Foxboro® Model PC50 Field Device Tool is a powerful Windows based software and hardware package with external modem(s) that provides for intelligent field device life cycle management. It is also designed for open interface and provides bidirectional communication with devices having HART, FoxCom, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, or Profibus communication protocol.

  • The Model PC50 supports Foxboro intelligent transmitters and positioners and is also an open tool for integration with third party Device Type Managers (DTMs).
  • End users have freedom of choice in their selection of field devices from multiple vendors.
  • Other protocols supported by FDT technology.
  • Device configuration, device calibration, device diagnostics, and device characteristics.
  • The Model PC50 Field Device Tool conforms to FDT Specification 1.2.1 which provides a standard mechanism for communication between applications and  devices.
  • Maintenance of device parameter databases is done through applications specific to each vendor’s DTMs.
  • Universal engineering environment to access intelligent device information.
  • Expands utility of existing device engineering, and provides greater opportunity to differentiate device application.
  • Automatic software installation and easy software upgrades via internet.
  • Capability to reconfigure, copy, clone, upload, download, and print out device databases.
  • Provides device information necessary for an
    Asset Management System.

The HHT50 represents the most rugged and dependable tablet PC on the market today. The HHT50 is powered by an Intel® Core™ i7, 620 UE processor which enables it to utilize the full power of Windows operating systems. This powerful combination enables organizations to distribute more applications in the field and increase worker productivity. The HHT50 is able to withstand falls from 4’ onto concrete floors and be submersed for short periods of time and still survive. With its 2GB of RAM and 80GB SSD drive, the HHT50 is more than capable of running the most demanding of applications.

  • Rugged Mobile Computing
  • Durable and Portable
  • Best-in-Class All-Weather
  • US Military Standards (MIL-STD810G)
  • Safety UL1604 and ATEX zone 2 Cat. 3
  • Survives extreme environments
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